School Council Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2022

Principal’s update
– Still waiting for it to feel safe to have parents back in the school (COVID)
– Lots of building/OPAL play is happening
– Kids are having a great time
– Mask wearing – is mostly in place and almost all staff are still wearing
– Absences both staff and students are up 20% of kids are away in any given day (not
necessarily COVID)
– Not allowed anymore to say – you can’t wear a mask though TDSB and Public Health –
but suggesting to continue to wear a mask

Staffing issues are constant – how do we keep the school running – staff absences are frequent.
They never have a full team – grateful for spec ed, library etc, music teachers are helping fill in

Early Literacy – DRA (Direct Reading Assessment) for Grade 1&2 – those who were struggling or
at risk New resources for primary teachers. Spring reader booster session will be done by Erin –
to help children raise reading levels.

Pandemic has really pushed learning back for kids and they are trying to close the gaps.

Have increased Indigenous Learning – had educators at staff meetings.
April 20 – grade 1, 2 and 3 – Earth Steward – will be joining to do new learning involving soil,
planting, seeds – concept that plants give us everything. Focusing on our deep connection with

Summer School – half day program in person
Summer school has been an overwhelmingly positive experience – it is not built around a formal
Outdoor activities, they bring in external providers (teachers) and the teachers bring in their
passions, hobbies and interests.
It is very creative

Garden Update: Jess Haber

Workshops with Indigenous and garden educator. $900 for Pro Grant (approved vendor)

We can coordinate a mulch/compost dump and then community members can join in – all levels
and it would be on the weekend.

Mike Layton, butterfly garden, all sorts of options.

Cristal will be added as the parent option to start emailing to get things coordinated.

Mental Health Practice: Parent Night

Approx 15 people who came – 30 people signed up

Extracurriculars being offered:
This is the outline of the extracurricular events:


Darci – spirit wear – will talk to Dan about School Cash online
Potentional – for potluck school – raffle, 50/50, ask about sponsor for the raffle – Melissa will ask
Jackie about a date.
Melissa uses bouncy castle deposit – can we use it?

Treasurer Report:

Feb 8 – 2500 – second steps
700 on classroom spending
Approx 12K in the bank
We can expect to have another 6K to come out for classroom spending
Some funds will need to be designated for next years start up costs (Typically that
means setting aside $3,000)

We had tabled 450 to spend on lost and found (need to buy that)

Approved spending:

Grad Trip – What kind of funding do we need – Andree will report back on the fundraising options
Pre approve – $500 – Lalu put forward the motion, Andree seconded it – approved
Extra Grad Photo – $250 towards grad photos (will follow up with Dan and Michelle)
Soccer Nets – $500 Lalu put forward the motion, Andree seconded it – approved

We will follow up with Dan and Michelle Follett – about ⅞ fundraising updates

Next Meeting : June 7th 6:30pm

Essex SC - Meeting Minutes - April 12
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