Welcome Elin Marley from Seedling Stories

A message from Elin Marley from Seedling Stories, who will be teaching cooking classes in the school March 21-29. 

My name is Elin Marley, and I work as a School Garden Educator. Since 2010, I have been running my school garden programme called Seedling Stories at a number of Toronto elementary schools. I also work at the High Park Children’s Garden and Teaching Kitchen, where I have had many opportunities to cook and to garden with campers, school groups, and at special events over the past 9 years.

During the garden season, I work outside with students, planting, maintaining and harvesting in the school gardens, and exploring the plants and creatures that live out there. In the winter, my lessons include cooking and baking with kids, using a wide range of local ingredients. In addition to cooking healthy foods, students learn about different plant parts we eat, practice procedural writing with recipes, apply math skills such as measuring volume while following recipes, and learn about composting the fruit and vegetable scraps we might have left over.

I look forward to cooking, baking and exploring local ingredients with Essex classes this spring!

You can follow my garden and cooking adventures on Twitter and Instagram @seedlingstories

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