School Council Meeting Minutes – June 12

Essex PS School Council Meeting

June 12, 2018




Principal’s Report

Class placement meetings have been completed. The model is similar to this year but now we have a 2/3.  Erin Corcoran is moving to the MART Role. Elise Greenberg will be returning from parental leave to fill the JK/SK position.


Wizard of Oz was a huge success.  All classes participated including the ISP classes.  Primary concert is tomorrow night.


Mr. Quon is on a leave and Bob Pelletier is filling in in the office for the next two weeks. At this point there are no changes in administration for next year.


Air conditioners have been installed in the library so we now have an operational cooling station.


Teachers are finishing up report cards and planning end of year trips etc.


We were accepted as an OPAL school and the lead team is meeting with EarthPlay on Thursday July 21st at 3:30pm


There will be a talent show on the last day of school.


Ideas for next year:

Work on a calendar with parent council meetings, pizza lunch dates and school assemblies etc.

Have a student from Grade 7/8 as a parent council rep who brings ideas/report to council

Next year we need teacher rep for council, have one teacher sign up each month

Safe and caring schools committee needs a parent rep to meet once every month or two to discuss school climate, discipline etc.


Yoga for next year

We want to see about other options for next year

There may be a TDSB list of approved vendors, we can look into

We are looking for a similar price ($2 per kid)

Kate will do some research and let us know the options


Spring Fling

We counted money today – cash plus credit card $ from the square and sponsorship money from Hawthorne and then there will be a few expenses. Net amount will be announced when it is final.

We need to get a cheque from Hawthorne for sponsorship- email Naakai

We need to confirm plans for the money.

One idea is to purchase four more picnic tables, two for the primary yard and 2 for the front yard.


Treasurer Report

There is $12,000 in the bank, minus expenditures approved for this year.  We should have some balance at the beginning of the year in order to make spending decisions early next year rather than waiting.


Pizza Lunch

Form is done

Allison is going to arrange the orders, allergy stuff in the fall

Deb will take care of the cheques/$ end

We need 3 volunteers per lunch and a coordinating team

Jessica will make a google doc to arrange volunteers and try to approach specific people to find a coordinator for the year


PRO Grant

PRO grant for next year is done, Harry has signed it

This year $500 went to the math night and $500 went toward the Pow Wow Experience

Next year look into a social media/screen time workshop


Roles for Next Year

Deb is going to act as Treasurer, nominated by Melissa and seconded by Jessica

Melissa is going to take on the chair role, nominated by Debbie and seconded by Jessica

Darci will continue with spirit wear

Jessica/Allison will start pizza lunch and try to pass on role

We need a secretary for next year

Carla, a new parent, has volunteered to be the blog person

Look for people to run book sale next year and for Spring Fling committee

Kate and Allison will do silent auction again next year in November


Snack Program for next year

We have the snack grant from Toronto Foundation for Student Success for next year

Ideally someone who comes in for 2 hours each morning and then has a lunchroom supervisor role to try to prepare snack fresh

Right now Nancy does the job, we would like to find out if she wants to continue

Rephrasing the snack form so parents do not feel it is optional and see the benefits for all kids in the school, Kate will work on re-branding it


Food and Wellness activities for next year and other new ideas

For next year it would be great to do some cooking with classes, perhaps a call out to volunteers for parents who are chefs or home chefs and could run workshops

We could offer individual teachers money to run community lunches once a term

Also we would like to support Wellness Days once per term

Maybe a dance party for next year sponsored by parent council

Melissa will do a coffee and treats for the first day of school in September

Lemonade party the week before school starts in the kindy schoolyard, Mrs. Costa has offered to be here, August 28th after school from 4-5pm

Allison usually arranges a meet up the week after school starts in the park

Jessica can do book sale and Bag2School in the fall

Jessica will do Early Reading Club again to try and get volunteers for next year

Kate wants to do a mentoring group for girls next year, this year we used Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Leslie would like to do it again for Grades 6-8


In addition:

School Council approved a small fund to purchase thank you gifts as a token of our appreciation to lunchroom supervisor staff and a contribution to refreshments for teachers as a thank you for all of their hard work this year.


First parent council meeting next year will be Oct. 2nd at 6pm in the library

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