2018 Resolution: Waste Free Lunches at Essex and Hawthorne

The Essex and Hawthorne students are making a new year’s resolution to do their part to minimize waste.  The eco-team has been working hard all fall to educate teachers and students to properly sort their waste, and divert as much as we can from landfill.  However, the lunch room still poses a problem- many containers and wrappers are being placed in the wrong bins, and uneaten food is being thrown away instead of composted.

Therefore by the end of the month, we challenge all families to send litterless lunches to school.  Our waste bins will be removed from the gym on February 1st, 2018 and BOOMERANG LUNCH will begin.  Students will be expected to bring home any unfinished food, wrappers and containers to be properly sorted at home.

We hope you rise to the challenge and begin packing waste-free lunches in 2018!

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